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InfraDigrecords its a Project Created back in year 2000 by Carlos "Light IDR"it becomes a label in late 2008 and he starts working with the new to the scene producer/dj Matias "Zeque".

in 2013 an old time friend from Light. Jonathan Jou Comes back from Barcelona and Starts Working with them to boost the label work, and the trio (Jou, Light, Zeque) are also producing lots of stuff for different labels, and are very sure about the quality sound they want for the label.


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  • light

    Light IDR

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Carlos LightNick Name: Light IDRBirth Date: 07/21Place Of Birth: Mexico D.F.


    InfraDigrecords/ Half Seas Over

    It’s been 28 years since this veteran of the turntables began his career in the Mexican electronic music movement. Light has played at the top clubs both in Mexico and around the world, establishing him as one of Mexico’s most important and influential underground dance music artists. He describes his style as versatile and "constructed from various and different trends in electronic music such as deep-house, deep tech, and techno."
    Way back in 1987, under the influence of the acid house and new beat sounds, Light began building a body of work that has made him a pioneer in the Mexican scene. In 1999, he founded the seminal Mexican dance music label InfraDigrecords.
    His first track for the label, “Amsterdam Fever”, made by Light and his friend Ugo Carrano was included in a CD promo for the popular Mexican magazine Chilango and went on to sell 50,000 copies, making him one of Mexico’s top producers. Four years later, in 2003, Light was ranked the #1 DJ in Heineken’s Mexico found@thirst DJ contest, establishing him as a DJ legend. In 2006, Light was named the resident DJ at the top club in Mexico City – AM¬ ¬– and another prime clubbing destination Shyloh Club.
    Since 2009 to 2012 Light was one of the residents at the club Rioma.
    Since 2010, Light - with his partner Zeque - has been keenly focused on the development of his label. InfraDigrecords is deeply committed to the development of artists in the Mexican dance music community as well as international artists such as: Jef K & Gwen Maze, Kabuto & Koji, Metrika, Dzeta N´Basile, Mobius Strum, and Maxxa.
    More recently, Light has also had a string of very successful releases including “Tamalitzio” for his own InfraDigrecords label.
    The track is a collaboration with his partner Zeque and his close friends Mobius Strum featuring remixes from Jef K & Gwen Maze, Mario Miranda, Buddie Magik, and Alastair Gillott. “Tamalitzio” garnered DJ support from Francesca Lombardo, Pedramovich, Dzeta N´Basile, Dave DK, Monika Kruse, and numerous others.


    Matias Zeque

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Matias ZequeNick Name: Zeque


    InfraDigrecords - Loco records - Akbal Music - Danzatoria

    Coming from a musician family, he is on the musical way since very young, always hearing his dads lp's, cd's and hearing bands of many musical types, he developed a very fine musical taste, at age 14 he met a friend who showed him his first electronic beats, after that he realized this music is much better than any kind he had heard, so he started going to a lot of parties and raves, after a year of almost every weekend hearing international and national live acts and dj sets he decided that its time to make some beats! starting with an old friend of parties who basically taught him how to use cubase (Pavel Morett), they've produced a lot of tracks under the name morett and meyer, separating after a year to continue their solo carreers, nowadays matt produces alone as Zeque and has collaborations with some friends (Light IDR, Mild Bang, Jadad, Akvo, Phonik, just to name a few). Expect a lot of releases of this new artist that is almost all the time @ studio, his style is something clubby with a deep and techy feeling always thinking in what works on the dancefloor. when he is on stage he plays a wicked mixture of deep tech and house beats using a lot of tools and live fx, putting the dancefloor always to burn


    Jonathan Jou

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jonathan Jou


    InfraDigrecords - Alertha Records

    He fall in love with electronic music after being introduced to it by his older brothers. Jonathan jou began collecting music buying his first vinyls in London , Hamburg , Holland and ofcourse in his town..

    front an early age began playing at parties of friends but was until 1998 that started in a professional manner,entering the generes house , downgroove , progessive and techno...
    Since its successful presentantations on the stage is Invited to play in different places...
    In 2000 Jou is invited to play to Costarica under the name (Johnny). Resident of the  Palace club (Mexico) in 2001  , after his first residence he gains position of the national scene , performing in many discotheques and events in all important cities of Mexico and D,F .
    In 2009 he decides to move to Europe to feed his artistic and personal need of growth, to start a new life in Barcelona , It was there, in the catalan city , where Jou set up in the area of audio engineering program, but also became heavily involved in the city's nightlife...
    He is known for its sets ranging from Electonica , Chicago House , Acid , Galactic house , Dark and Deep House at the front club between others,having the ability to swich from one style to another Repeatedly in a way imperceptible.

    currently is working on his electronic music productions and in side projects such as Chromatik where venturing into different musical styles.

  • Mobius-Strum-350x450

    Mobius Strum

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Mobius Strum


    Mobius Strum is a Costa Rican couple of djs and music producers Leonardo Falfán(Tekes ) and Elena López (Eles). Within the electronic music scene they are known for playing mostly deep and tech house sounds tinging their sessions with other innovative musical proposals...

    Leonardo is part of the duo Kabuto & Koji, renowned artists in the electronic scene world wide. This year he has launched his own independent record label, Half Seas Over, promoting and producing a considerable roaster of local and international artists.

    Eles was resident at the mythical underground BackDoor Club in San José where she explored, developed and exposed her musical taste.

    Leonardo and Eles decided to join talents and today their sessions are well known for transmitting that special energy that unites them as a couple.

    In Costa Rica they are residents at the superfine Club Vertigo, one of Latin America’s best night clubs; and abroad they have played in events in New York City, Miami and Bogota. They have signed their musical creations with important record labels such as Akbal Music in Cancún, Caramella in Italy, InfraDig Records in Mexico D.F., Lower East Side in London, SK Supreme in Kosovo, Supernature in Barcelona and with their own Half Seas Over.

    Their present venture is an album which involves the participation of renown Costa Rican artists; aimed to be performed live with a fusion of music, video, theater acts and dancing.

    The project has had a lot of good reception and the future promises great success.

    Spanish Bio Mobius Strum

    Mobius Strum es el duo costarricense de dj’s y productores compuesto por la pareja Leonardo Falfán (Tekes) y Elena López (Eles).

    Dentro de la música electrónica, su estilo de caracteriza por utilizar principalmente sonidos del genero deep y tech house, matizando sus sesiones con otras propuestas musicales de vanguandia.

    Leo forma parte del duo Kabuto&Koji, reconocidos artistas de la escena electrónica local e internacional. Este año, lanza su propio sello discográfico independiente, Half Seas Over, que produce a una lista importante de músicos de Costa Rica así como del mundo.

    Eles, por su parte, fue residente del mítico underground Back Door club, lugar que le permitió explorar, desarrollar y exponer su gusto musical.

    Hace tres años, la pareja decide unir sus talentos y hoy día sus sesiones se caracterizan por transmitir la energía tan especial que los une como pareja.

    En Costa Rica son residentes de Club Vertigo; e internacionalmente han tocado en eventos en Nueva York, Miami y Bogotá. Sus creaciones musicales han sido firmadas por grandes disqueras como Akbal Music de Cancún, InfraDig Records del D.F., SK Supreme de Kosovo, Coger East Side de Londres, Caramella de Italia, Supernature de Barcelona y Half Seas Over.

    Actualmente Eles y Leo están trabajando en su próximo album que contiene grabaciones en vivo de reconocidos musicos nacionales; fusiona el sonido orgánico de la acústica tradicional con la electrónica; la meta final es un “live performance” de música, video, artes teatrales y danza.

    El proyecto ha tenido una gran acogida y el futuro vislumbra grandes exitos…


    Kabuto & Koji

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Kabuto & Koji


    Kabuto &Koji A.K.A Tekes and Patrice Meiner ,

    - Hotly tipped as the next breakout stars in the dance music underground...

    With a growing discography of memorable remixes and productions, Kabuto & Koji have rightly earned a worldwide buzz for their take on the contemporary minimal and tech sounds.Their music speaks to all the different dancefloor senses, grasping the light with abstract, moody and melodic elements, while ably keeping a crowd pulsating with hypnotic basslines and well-structured drums.

    Working out of their studio in Costa Rica, their music has been embraced around the world by the leading new crop of labels. Steve Lawler's Viva imprint; the massively influential Get Physical (and its sister sub-label Kindisch); Audiofly's red-hot Supernature label; and Mexico's Akbal have all featured Kabuto & Koji remixes and original productions. Their remix of Raz Ohara's 'Kisses' was handpicked by M.A.N.D.Y for their Fabric 38 mix CD, JimRiver' GlobalUnderGround,also included their"DrunkenSlumber"and SvenVåth,included them in his CocoonCompilation"I" and the up and coming Get Physicals' Full Body Workout comp....
    On the decks, Kabuto & Koji are known for their extended sets that take a room deep into twisted, heady late night territory. Having opened up for Depeche Mode"Tour of The Universe"tour in Costa Rica
    As the residents at Club Vertigo, they have shared the DJ booth with some of the world's biggest DJs, and recently had the honor of playing alongside Lee Burridge for his annual Burridge Barrage at the Winter Music Conference'08 & Audioflys'FlyingCircus'09and opened up for Depeche Mode"Tour of The Universe"tour in Costa Rica.Expect nothing but the freshest, upfront music from Kabuto & Koji, Sleepy&Boo



    Get Physical Music






    Akbal Music

    SK Supreme


    RMxs for


    VIVa Music

    Area Remote


    Get Physical




    Sven Våth / Compilation I /Cocoon

    Jim Rivers / Global Underground / Nubreed

    M.A.N.D.Y / Fabric 38

    Get Physical/ Full Body Workout



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: MusicDesigners


    In 2010 friends and colleagues Jonathon Soul and Ro Madrid decided to pool their talents to form Music Designers. That same year they "made contact" in Playa Del Carmen and began creating new trends and sounds with their fresh style of melodic jazz blended with techno, and a touch of glimmering house music. Rodrigo Madrid, resident DJ of Mamita's Beach Club and one of the honchos of Zotz Recordingz is responsible for the technical side of things. Alongside Rodrigo in the studio Jonathon Soul, resident of the famous La Santanera nightclub, laces in the melody and adds the essence of funk, jazz and black music to the MD sound.

    Music Designers released tracks for various labels like Zotz Recordingz, Infradig Records, Louder Music, and most recently a collaboration with Born In Mexico. MD are now working on a "best of" compilation while also writing music and remixes with other artists such as Tello Pila and Damian Uzabiaga, among others.

  • Metrika-350x450


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Metrika


    Diego Cevallos nació en la ciudad de México en 1979 y ha estado rodeado por la música desde una edad temprana, comenzando por una pasión por los tambores y las percusiónes...


    Mutek / Crosstownrebels / imeca music / Akbal Music / InfraDigrecords

    Diego Cevallos nació en la ciudad de México en 1979 y ha estado rodeado por la música desde una edad temprana, comenzando por una pasión por los tambores y las percusiónes. La cabeza del sello Crosstown Rebels, Damián Lazarus lo describe como: “un experto de las percusiones”. Hablando del mundo de la electrónica, desde mediados de los noventa, Métrika es el último proyecto de Diego, pero en su fondo musical también está el haber formado parte de Digi + Gabo, un proyecto de Deep House que ganó fama en Sudamérica con una cadena de lanzamientos exitosos a finales de los noventa. Musicalmente hablando, Diego se considera a sí mismo como un amante de la profundidad y la simplicidad de los beats. Como el nombre lo dice: Metrika se trata de los beats, las medidas, lo sonidos y su acomodo. Capas de sonidos suaves, atmósferas profundas con grooves fuertes y uso suave del sampleo son los ingredientes principales en el trabajo de Diego. En la corta vida de este proyecto, la respuesta ante sus presentaciones en vivo ha sido grandiosa alrededor del mundo, y ahora busca evolucionar hacia terrenos desconocidos.

    Durante el 2008, tuvo más de 70 presentaciones en vivo, incluyendo una presentación en el Mutek canadiense. Ha producido 15 remixes y cuenta con 2 álbumes como Digi + Gabo y dos EPs como Métrika. Está firmado por la disquera Crosstown Rebels, de Damian Lazarus, se ha presentado en Beijing, China y varios medios programan su música


    Jef K

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jef K


    Parisian dj Jef K is the founder of classic deep house label Silver Network.
    A native of Paris, Jef K started mixing records in 1992 after spending nine months in London. His deep, groovy and sexy house sets made him quickly earn a reputation as one of the fastest rising DJs amongst the French house scene.
    Long time residencies at some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs followed and Jef K regularly graced the decks at Rex Club and Respect in Paris, Fuse in Brussels, and Robert Johnson in Frankfurt. As global demand for the DJ rose Jef was often travelling far and wide to play at top clubs in Asia, South America and USA as well as the rest of Europe.
    In the mid-90s Jef kept his passion alive as A & R for French label Distance and in turn was later responsible for 6 of the label’s highly rated compilations – five volumes of the “My House” series and the third volume of the “French Sessions” series. Then Krypton/ Sony France released Jef’s “Paris- Chicago Express” CD- a Cajual and Relief compilation in 1997 – the same year that Jef made his first foray into production with E-Troneek Funk’s Cyril K. The track ‘First Step’ made it onto the “Aline Can Dance” compilation project released by Small/Sony.
    At the end of the 90s Jef K began to leave an indelible mark on the industry when he teamed up with brother Antoine aka DJ Tony Silver to launch the labels FFWD Records and Silver Network. The latter has seen output from some of House Music’s finest producers including Chez Damier, Charles Webster, Pepe Bradock, I:cube, Dixon, Iz&Diz, The Revenge, Milton Jackson, Spirit Catcher, Soul Minority, Chris Carrier and Gwen Maze. 2002 saw the birth of another successful label Crack & Speed, together with partner Holmar Filipsson, with subsequent releases from Sasse aka Freestyle Man, Chris Carrier, Jay Haze, Abe Duqe, Franklin De Costa, Phil Weeks and many more.
    2009 saw Jef flexing his production muscles some more and a collaboration with old friend/ partner Chris Carrier for 3 EPs on Silver Network – “Morning EP“, “Chaka EP” and “Fever EP” – all highly regarded by both press and peers. In June 2010, the label dropped one of the monster hits of the summer ‘In My System’ – a collaboration between Jef, Chris Carrier and Chez Damier under the name The Gathering. Jef K’s own ‘System Mix’ received a huge response from all the major house DJs in the world including Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Radio Slave and Soul Clap it’s no surprise the track charted at no.7 in the Resident Advisor Top 50 tracks of the year 2010 and has received the accolade of remixes by The Revenge, I:Cube, Milton Jackson, Soul Minority, Dj Shade & Steve Ferrand...
    Jef has also worked with Gwen Maze on a productive collaboration, “Want You Back” (Silver Network), as well as remixing for numerous quality labels including Composite Recordings, Moodmusic, Cecille Records, Rebirth, Akbal, SUOL, Rue de Plaisance, Airdrop, Pooled Music, One Records, Melisma, Dame Music , Slow Town, Organic, and Vitalik. Now his third decade in the industry, Jef’s love of DJing and the peoples’ love for him is as strong as ever. His 2014 gig schedule covering some of the best underground parties – Half Baked, Katapult, and Concrete Paris – says it all.


    Gwen Maze

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Gwen Maze


    Ever since he was born Gwen was always surrounded by music. His father is a painter and the family home was also his workshop where he would work and constantly listen to music : Laurie Anderson ,Pierre Henry,Nina Hagen,Pink Floyd,The stranglers,O.M.D,...). In this environment little Gwen quickly live and breathe music (funk,Jazz,hip hop,house,techno) and soon takes to the decks. Year after year he will devote all his time, talent and energy to music and starts composing his first tracks on Dialect rec . or supernature rec. In a few years he becomes an essential figure of the parisian house scene and plays regularly the main clubs and venues there such as Rex club, Batofar, showcase or the yearly techno-parade.
    2010 he integrates Silver Network with his long lasting friend Jef K
    since then prolific years for Gwen with multiple releases on labels such as Cecille rec. ,Rebirth rec , Moodmusic rec. , One rec., Off rec. ,Beef rec. , Claque music, Rue de Plaisance rec .,Akbal rec. ,... and of course Silvernetwork )
    The best if yet to come with Gwen touring internationally as a dj, and producing more than ever
    Gwen Maze started to mix in 1998 .He quickly made a name for himself on the Parisian scene. Playing in the most famous underground french Clubs like Rex Club,Batofar,Showcase,...
    He started to produce house music in the same time. He released his first EP in 2003 and never stopped producing and remixing since that time on great labels like Moodmusic rec.,Rebirth rec. , Cecille rec. One rec.,Silvernetwork rec.,Akbal rec.,Time as changed rec ,OFF rec.and so on ... showing his love for a strong ,deep and groovy underground electronic music .
    His prolific production is supported by Djs and people from all around the world and since 2005 Gwen is playing more and more on the international scene in England, Germany,Austria,Italy,Ukrain,Ibiza,Spain, Russian Federation,Australia,Asia etc.....
    and for 2015 the best is to come;)

  • Dzeta N'Basile

    Dzeta N’ Basile

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Dzeta N' Basile


    Claudio and Davide are a pair of prolific producers whose reputation on the scene has been escalating since joining forces 2 years ago, quickly establishing their presence in London’s crowded spotlight...
    Claudio and Davide are a pair of prolific producers whose reputation on the scene has been escalating since joining forces 2 years ago, quickly establishing their presence in London’s crowded spotlight.
With a full bag of successful releases already behind them and a number of key gigs in the pipeline this duo has been hotly tipped by the press and the underground scene, with their name quoted as ‘currently on fire’.
With their combined eclectic background that reaches every house music angle, their styles intermingle to create deep and always hypnotic grooves.
Since their first release, signed by Electric Sheep Recordings in late 2008, they have come a long way, working with some of the leading labels and artists of the house music market.
In the past year their name has rocketed to the top of the Beatport charts, with their singles and remixes alongside the likes of Silicon Soul and Nicole Moudaber (on Haiti Groove, Germany), Robert Owens, Alex Jones, Amelie, Shenoda, Cozzy D, Kruse & Nuernberg and Paul Loraine (on 1Trax, UK), Franky Flowerz (on Electric Sheep) and many more.
Alongside their studio commitment, lies their passion for DJing, achieved through their background in the club scene, which goes back to the early nineties and has taken them straight to the top spots in the English capital, with notable gigs for Ministry Of Sound, The End and Egg amongst many. 
With an impressive number of already signed singles and remixes due for release on highly quoted labels such as Abkal Music, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Nulogic, Phobic and InfraDigrecords, their achievements are now the envy of many, and they are definitely names to watch out for in 2010.



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: LondonGround


    Gabriel Gorostidi a.k.a londonground, was born march 15th, 1985 in buenos aires, argentina...
    Gabriel Gorostidi a.k.a londonground, was born march 15th, 1985 in buenos aires, argentina. since his beginnings he has had a childhood related to music, taking his firsts steps with acoustic instruments such as guitar and drums. this second instrument is the one that joined him with the music. by 1998 with the release of “walk on the house side” (strictly rhythm compilation), he started to feel attracted to music with electronic drums and samplers in it. it was in 1999 when he decided to get involved with music production, getting his first computer exclusively for creating and producing this kind of music that was a passion for him. gabriel was working hard in 1999 and 2000 looking for an own sound taking as a reference artists such as jeff mills or sven vath, among others. in 2002-2003 he began djing. as he was being asked to play in many parties in south buenos aires, he realizes this is what he wants to do from now on. after finishing school, he decides he wants to professionally study for “technical sound and recording (mixing and mastering” but he could not conclude it so after some time he begins a course for “live sound” in the general san martín theatre, which helped him to improve his productions. nowadays, lg continues djing, producing and remixing, always trying to evolve as an artist and a professional.



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Hurlee


    Hurlee (Majorca, Balearic Island, Spain)
    This young dj and producer, characterized by the electronic music, influenced by the best dj's and producer of the time,
    started to perform in the best panoramic clubs in Balearic
    Their performance can start with the most elegant deep until intense house, providing the groove in the dance floor.
    In his angle as a producer he began to work for:InfraDig Records, Pura Music ,King Street Sounds ,Reisei Records, Circle Music, i Records, Reisei Records, Gourmand Music Recordings.

  • Marcelo-Nassi-350x450

    Marcelo Nassi

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Marcelo Nassi


    Marcelo Nassi Considered one of the most requested artists from the electronic scenein São Paulo as DJ and Producer...Marcelo Nassi™ Considered one of the most requested artists from the electronic scenein São Paulo as DJ and Producer. With a born talent, Marcelo’s career started in 1995, and since then he is acquiring experience and professionalism during the years. As producer, he released a lot of tracks through de international labels as: Tokyo Records (Reino Unido), 303Lovers Records (Itália), Solid Fabric Records (Greecia), Loco Records (Polônia), Brown Eyed Records (França), Epoque Music Records (Espanha), Excel Recordings (Macedônia), Grouper Recordings (Miami), In Deep Records (Polônia), Infra Dig Records (México), Look Ahead Records (Polônia), Dutchie Music (Miami), Candy Music (Argentina). Suas Produções vem chamando a atenção e são elogiadas por Djs e Produtores como: Manuel de La Mare, Sebastian Davidson, Alex Kenji, Angel Rize, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Fabien Kamb, Goran Tech, J&M Brothers, Yofunk, Mihai Bejenaru, IO, Matty Gillespie, Oliver Moldan, Tigerskin, Jay West, Manuel Sahagún, Demarkus Lewis, Dirty Culture, Rodrigo Carreira, Flow&Zeo, Viktor Mora, Laurent F, Rafael Noronha, Rafael Yapudjian, Mary Olivetti, Vitor Lima, Raul Boesel, entre muitos outros.

    With a lot of gigs around, he was took to play in the most know clubs and parties as: Zucker Club, Zoe Club, Delight Club, Bazuah Café, Pub House, Amnesia Tour, Vegas Club (Sp), Club  Loca (Sp), Núcleo (Sp), Show Time, Rapanui Sunset, Boss Party, Seek2Back, Viva Music, Summer House, E-Cool, El Cielo, Muzik Sunset, Bikkini Barista (Santos), House Field, Taj Club, Burn Sensation, Danghai Club (Curitiba), Café Cancun, Dominun Club, House Village, Festa da Lagoa, House Mag Tour, and a lot of others gigs.

    His way to control the pick-ups is unique, his sound goes through the melodies of house, focused on hard groove bases. He is well-know as a wonderful warm-uper, with his refined taste for deep and amazing skills, that gave him the opportunity to share the stage with great names in the scene as: Marky, Crossover, Van Storck, Vitor Lima, Ale Reis, Rodrigo Ferrari, Raul Boesel, Rodrigo Carreira, Flow&Zeo, Re Dupre, Carlo Dall Anese, Ricardo Guedes, Thiago Mansur, Rafael Noronha, Santiago, João Lee, Mary Olivetti, China, Du Serena, Renato Lopes, Mr. Gil, Viktor Mora, Rodrigo Moretti, Mario Fischetti, Memê, Naccarati, Tom Keller, Rowland The Bastard (Inglaterra), Tim Rivers (Belgium), Southmen (Uruguai), Mike Redina (Inglaterra), Leif Hatfield (Alemanha), Add2Basket (Hungria), Kevin Barnett (Miami) Logiztik Sounds (Uruguai), Manuel Sahagún (Argentina) and some others.


    Modulador B

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Modulador B


    Modulador B A los 14 años de edad toma como direccion los sonidos electronicos , en 1990 su escape era salir de la comercializacion auditiva y proponer un punto externo...
    Modulador B A los 14 años de edad toma como direccion los sonidos electronicos , en 1990 su escape era salir de la comercializacion auditiva y proponer un punto externo. por primera vez escucha tracks de grupos como, kraftwerk, nitzerebb, front 242, depeche mode y el detroit techno. esto trajo a si mismo el gran interes de conocer la escencia de la musica electronica y cuales eran los paises involucrados en su desarrollo . existieron programas de radio como nexus 6 , extasis 101 y sector 96 donde se desprendia informacion relacionada con la musica electronica y sus generos. sus primeros lp´s fueron de musica experimental y techno , ya que esos generos eran los responsables de que el sonido electronico tomara un grandioso futuro. en los años de 1994 y 1997 se relaciona con el arte(surrealista) . surgen una serie de invitaciones en fiestas subterráneas , provoca en su desarrollo y excelente habilidad en el escenario que sea invitado a participar en los festivales y fiestas mas importantes del pais. compartiendo el escenario con dj´s como dave clarke , kenny larkin , derrick may , dj t-1000 , keoki , marusha, steve stoll ,a guy called gerald , anthony shake shakir por mencionar algunos.

    Signal Deluxe

    Signal Deluxe

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Signal Deluxe


    with more than 10 and 17 years of musical career, individualy, Valeria and Jerga...
    with more than 10 and 17 years of musical career, individualy, valeria and jerga create the project signal deluxe in the year 2005, since then they have toured europe several times performing in festivals and clubs in countries like spain, france, austria, poland, switzerland, germany and sweden, they have released their music in labels like persona, revolver, brouqade, eintakt, fade, thougthless, dialtone, sounds of earth, we are here, spontan music, 38db tonsportgruppe, numbolic & abolipop. their music has been played by hundreds of djs around the planet .

  • Maxxa-350x450


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Maxxa


    Miroslav Maxian aka Maxxa is a producer and DJ from small city Sumperk in Czech republic...

    His first contact with house music was about 1999 year, and of course house music became oneof the most important thing for him. Back in days he started like a promoter of small house and techno parties and started mixed underground house lps on best friends decks.

    In 2000 year he went to live to magic city Prague, because here in clubs djs played quality
    underground house music...He lived in Prague for 5 years, then he returned to Sumperk city and started producing his first house tracks. Beginnings were difficult, but working hard everyday.

    with love and understanding to produce some good tracks. Nowadays producing deep-house, sometimes with techy sounds elements and the same sound he play on his gigs at clubs where people like this kind of music (U Bukanyra,Zero bar,Perpetuum, Le clan, Palac Akropolis, Suteren-Lounge etc....)

    Maxxa is a member of labels like Elemental Music, Minimo rec, Klam rec, Loco rec, Keep On rec,Look Ahead rec, InfraDigrecords, Nightphunk rec, Soluble rec, Disolend, Empro, Reisei etc....



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Tnao


    Eduardo González aka Tnao iniciando en la música a los 10 años intentando empatar vinyles de música disco e industrial, del salon de fiestas donde su papa era administrador, lo cual lo impulsó a tener el gusto y la pasión por la música bailable...
    Eduardo González aka Tnao iniciando en la música a los 10 años intentando empatar vinyles de música disco e industrial, del salon de fiestas donde su papa era administrador, lo cual lo impulsó a tener el gusto y la pasión por la música bailable. Comienza su gusto por el techno gracias a un gran amigo por el cuál conoció y escucho set's y tracks de dj y productores como: Gayle San, Green Velvet, Adam Beyer, Surgeon, Laurent Garnier, Dj Rolando, Plastikman, Monica Kruze, Christian Smith, Marco Carola, Chris Liebieng, entre otros. Inicio hace 7 años como dj mezclando géneros como Deep House, Minimal House, Filtered House y Tech house, generos consecuencia de su heredada afición por la música Disco, la cual representa gran parte de su influencia. Produciendo desde hace 9 años de manera empírica, comienza su creación con ritmos de techno con bpms de 135 y 140 con la tendencia hard techno que invadía su vida en los años 1999 y 2000; logra conocer los diferentes softwares, hardwares y maneras de crear música tanto digital cómo análogamente; en el 2004 comienza una nueva era de ritmos, proponiendo estructuras basadas por el minimal techno, la profundidad de las melodías y los nuevos sonidos construidos de manera digital; en el 2008 asienta su tendencia minimal con sus primeros releases en Europa y en este 2009 comienza más retos en su carrera como productor, intentado matizar con arreglos musicales y melódicos basados en el dub, ambient, tech house, house, funk, latin jazz y jazz, con estructuras cambiantes de manera progresiva para brindar varias atmósferas en el mismo track. Su trabajo ha podido llegar a países de Europa como España, Italia, Francia ganándose el respeto de productores como Florian Meindl, Someone Else, Minicoolboyz, Ahmet Sendil, Autistic, Francesco Passatino, Yappacc, Marco Dassi, Signal Deluxe entre otros. Ha compartido escenarios con importantes personalidades de la escena electrónica mundial como Lucient Fort, Yapacc, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Santos Resiak, Signal Deluxe, Alberto Santizzo. A lover of a honestly expression sense, in fact is just the expression the main element, they are creations, moments ands sensations captured in small and majestuosy sounds screens, that quest for themselves the expansion and evolution trough their sympathy on the dance floor or their reflection among every album track. Full of harmony, where all the sound elements escalade themselves Thirsty expositor of sequences minimally structured with rounding and hypnotic atmospheres of techno and house.
    Amante de un honesto sentido se expresión, en realidad es solo expresión el elemento principal, son obras, en si momentos y sensaciones plasmadas en pequeños o majestuosas pantallas sonoras, que buscan por si mismo la expansión y evolución mediante su simpatía en el dance floor o su reflexión entre cada track de los álbumes. Buscan ensordecer los oídos a donde van dirigidas esas voces de casualidad o efimenaridad de obras musicales con una propuesta completa en el sentido propio del autor. Armoniosa donde se escalen repetitivamente elementos sonoros. sediento expositor de secuencias estructuradas minimalmente con atmósferas circulares e hipnóticas del techno y house. Minimal, funky, glitchy, circular, tech-house.


    Mild Bang

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Mild Bang


    Christopher a.k.a Mild Bang dj and producer.Starts his career in the year 2000 developing audiovisual experimental projects, using digital resources and classical instruments for the creation of new and versatile styles...
    Christopher a.k.a Mild Bang dj and producer.
    Starts his career in the year 2000 developing audiovisual experimental projects, using digital resources and classical instruments for the creation of new and versatile styles.
    He presented his first live acts in fashion shows such as Digital Fashion Show in the WTC of Mexico City, he has also presented his work in Chill out stages in out door parties around Mexico playing in beutifull natural scenarios surrounded by beaches and jungles in places such as Palenque, Mérida, Playa del Carmen, Chacahua, Acapulco and more, he has also played in other main cities like Guadalajara, Puebla an of course México City.
    He has shared scenario with artists like Minilogue, Shirley cant be serious, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Yapacc and others. He is an arist of Indigo, and plays in Mexicos´ best minimal tech parties.

  • Kindimmer-350x450


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Kindimmer


    Thanasis Voulgaris, the person hidden behind the moniker Kindimmer, was born in Volos, Greece...
    After releasing for a long time under another alias, in 2009 he decided to renew his musical persona by giving birth to Kindimmer and focusing on a mixture of techno and deep-tech house.The first results of his new work, were released by Resopal Schallware (De), and Kote records (UK), to name a few, and gained a lot of attention from the dj community.


    Joseph Terruel

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Joseph Terruel


    Joseph Terruel was born in Durango Dgo Mexico , and started with music production in 2007.
    His love and passion for electronic music began after listening to the music of some great artists like: Daft Punk, Sasha, Paul Johnson, Chemical Brothers, etc...

    After listening to that style of music, he gets fascinated and started to search for more. He began mixing in some friend's homes and then he began to play at local parties. Some time later he felt that he needed to express at a very deep level and he decided to produce his own music, taking piano lessons and making an experiment with all kind of software , His productions not only gets in one style, he makes some musical fusion of different styles like , deep house, minimal house, disco , jazz and funk.

    Enrique Gongora

    Enrique Gongora

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Enrique Gongora


    Con apenas 2 años dentro de la escena electrónica internacional, la propuesta de este artista llama la atención de los listeners al incorporar en sus sets subgéneros del House, Techno y Electrónica...
    En sus mas nuevas vertientes ypero siempre con una homogeneidad armoniosa, emotiva y fresca que convierte el dancefloor en un tema diferente cada noche.

    Su talento lo ha llevado a estar presente en los programas de radio más importantes de música electrónica a nivel mundial como Proton Radio, Pure FM y otros mas como Cultura Club Mix Tyk (Paraguay) y Beat 100.9 de México, también presente en los charts de algunos top dj's como Kosmas Epsilon y con el soporte de muchos otros como Dubfire, Chris Fortier y Kasey Taylor por mencionar algunos. Todo lo anterior lo ha llevado a compartir escenario en importantes festivales y eventos con artistas de renombre como Moby, Paul Van Dyk, Infected Mushroom, Jimmy Van Malaghan, Matthew Dear, Josh Wink, Audiofly, Anja Schneider, Steve Lawer, Sierra Sam, Chloe Harris y Darin Epsilon.
    En sus proyectos para este 2010 está el sacar su propio label "Louder Music" junto con Gog uno de los mejores dj's nacionales, en el cual ya están firmados muchos de los mejores productores mexicanos y algunos internacionales, por otra parte queda pendiente el release de su álbum debut para Discos Konfort el cual está dirigido a géneros fuera del dancefloor como Ambient, Chill Out y Electrónica.La originalidad de Enrique se ve reflejada en sus nuevos tracks que han sido firmados en los labels más importantes del país, como InfraDigrecords, We Are Here, Konfort, Dialtone, Montenegro e internacionales como Proton, Bonzai, Py Cairo y Drag Music que lo proyectan como una fresca e interesante propuesta músical.

  • bork-350x450


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Bork


    Bork is from the UK and began writing his own music in 2001...
    Bork is from the UK and began writing his own music in 2001. Originally writing metal, he quickly moved on to
    experimental electronic music and then dance music. His productions now span deep house, tech house, techno
    and disco. Bork has been djing for the past 4 years, and has played at various intimate clubs around the UK.
    His first release was in 2009 for English techno label Corrupt Systems. He is also a member of the Bakery Collective,
    a group of DJs from England covering almost all genres of dance music. Bork has recently been collaborating with Zeque.


    Alvaro Ernesto

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Alvaro Ernesto


    Alvaro Ernesto empieza como Dj en el año 2006, tocando eventualmente en clubes y eventos privados fuera de la capital...
    Alvaro Ernesto empieza como Dj en el año 2006, tocando eventualmente en clubes y eventos privados fuera de la capital. Ha compartido cabina con numerosos Dj´s nacionales e internacionales a los cuales les tiene una gran admiración. Durante ese año decide incursionar en la producción musical, sacando así diversas producciones que han sido charteadas por varios djs del exterior. Tracks como "Salamandra", "Ethan" lo han perfilado como un buen productor musical en Sudamérica, razón por la cual sus remezclas son cada vez más solicitadas debido al toque personal que suele poner en su trabajo. Actualmente se encuentra colaborando en la remezcla de varios autores peruanos de música criolla, para agencias de publicidad, armando el primer sello de música electrónica en Perú "Shitfuck Records" junto al reconocido Dj/Productor nacional Israel Vich, y usando otros alias para la difusión de su trabajo. Su estilo particular es el Deep y Tech House, sonidos profundos, calidos, precisos para el comienzo de una noche de música electrónica.



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Gog
  • ZadeyKayne-350x450

    Zade & Kayne Cross

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Zade & Kayne Cross


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jadad

    Goeran Meyer

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Goeran Meyer


    Originally from Magdeburg, The producer and DJ Goeran Meyer discovered his affinity for electronic music and the party culture at the legendary Love Parede in Berlin. Motivated by his first impressions and following experiences with the electronic community in and around Berlin, Goeran started several successful events in Magdeburg with Acts such as members of the Tresor Crew, 1040 Leipzig, Strezzkids, Bill Youngman, Markus Welby, The Cannibal Cooking Club or Hanno Hinkelbein.

    Then and now accompanied by big ambitions Goeran and his music are now part of the (heimlinch) label. The normally ceased and introverted Goeran is developing into someone who drops dry and direct bass and straight sound on his listeners to develop a unique and deep atmosphere for his listeners. And he doesn’t manage to stand still while doing this, which makes him proud until today.

  • dislocated


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Dislocated


    From house to techno, Dislocated is always looking for the finest grooves in terms of underground music. After some kind of musical identity crisis, he finally encounters the holy grail when he listens for the first time this sweet combination between kicks, hats and bass. Spending a certain amount of years pushing buttons and breaking knobs, he finally manages to free the beat monster hidden in his computer. Since then, his musical journey has never stopped. Mostly influenced by the sounds of the UK such as garage or 2-step, he always tries to incorporate fresh new elements while focusing on the main vibes of his productions.


    Dirty Culture

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Dirty Culture


    Who the F*** is Dirty Culture ?
    Born in 1989, Tudor-Radu Barbu is known today as one of the biggest deep house producers in the east-europe.Starting composing music in 2004 at the age of 14, Tudor adopted his first aliases like dj pysu and white noise releasing on vinyl at drunk records. In 2006 he gave birth to Dirty Culture a name that entered very quick in the digital house music scene. Working with big labels as Einmaleins-Musik, Loco Records, Recycle, Affin he received lots of feedbacks from Loco Dice, Jimpster, Blacksoul, Brother's Vibe, Alex Celler, Tim Green, Gel Abril, Richie Hawtin, Shlomi Aber and many other big djs. Also in 2007 he started his own label, TheSounds, label focusing on deep house music. Now he is part of the familiy of many imprints as Einmaleins-Musik, Joachim Spieth's Affin, Apt. International (Tokio House Underground), Houseworx, Little Helpers, Save Room and many more !
    Dirty Culture is recognized for the diversity which he combines in the music. From a lot of natural instruments like the sax or various flutes, big grooves, funky rhythms which he puts in the deep music, to industrial & tribal percussion in the modern house style, Tudor is now one of the top best-sellers in physical & digital electronic market. Also on the dj part Dirty Culture brings a new jacking house sound, he played at Bar25 Berlin, Goldengate, BKI Hamburg, Poema Utrecht, L-Club Wurzburg, Gaskessel Bern, Kristal Romania and many more...
    If you ever been to Romania, you know that quality is the key, Dirty Culture is a part of this key.


    Tommy oddone

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Tommy oddoneNick Name: audditive


    Tommy ́s relationship with music began when he was little, using all type of foundsounds and musical pieces. Self taught and highly motivated, he ́s constantly seeking new sources and different sounds. His tracks are a mild blend of Deep House, Dub, and Minimal House served with hypnotic passages leading into a particular, yet catchy groove.
    Luis Mora - Amphetamine - Incl Tommy Oddone Remix - Raw Level Records
    Yaroslav Lenzyak - Snake Nake incl Tommy Oddone and Dirty Culture Remixes - TheSounds. Mi House Es Tu Casa incl. Dirty Culture Un.Bal.Anced remix- Tools And Stuff
    Humming of the Walls - Second Step Records
    Music For Bomb Shelters EP - Deep Tech Records
    Chicho ́s Groove (Original Mix) - Deep Tech Records ́"Deep Down Vol. 3" VA

  • Strung-Fellows-350x450

    Strung Fellows

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Strung Fellows


    DJ/Producer Duo from Copemhagen. A.k.a. Justin Side & Hankat
    Both Justin Side and Hankat are grounded Monikers on the Copenhagen underground scene and have featured together on many occations.Besides having scorched most floors all over Copenhagen, the two are both residents at the highly renowned underground on-going-party: Skyde Klubben. The place where their deep sound flows out in various constellations with the other residents; Labelboss of Studie Strasse Records Menson, Two Third Eyes Owner and Skyde Klubben co-creator Rasmus Rekyl and the young Dee Brown. Alas: The perfect playground for these boys. Justin Side and Hankat have worked together in the studio previously, so it was only natural for the two to join creative forces behind the wheels and in the studio again. And from the first track sonic sparks went flying. Soon another track was done and there was no way back: Strung Fellows was born.
    In the shape of a soothing Gumbo of Dark Moods and lifting Bass Grooves, Strung Fellows are telling stories. From the low end sub to the very top of the track, Hankat and Justin Side is in on every tweak. They try hard to give the Listener a feeling of "being taken somewhere". So they carry you on hypnotizing loops and roll you along with gentle subs and frisky Rythms.
    Hankat (real name Max Thelin) is an established producer and DJ in Denmark. As Hankat his live sets and unique style is his trademark, often mixing quirky pop acapellas with his deep rolling rhythms. He started making tracks in his teens, Still going and never looking back. Even though he finds himself more behind the decks these days, his right element is in the Studio - when the city sleeps.
    Justin Side (real name Luis Anaya) promoter, Dj and producer since 1995. Also co-creator of Skyde Klubben. He is not your average promoter turned DJ - Justin Side is one in few that keeps focus on Sound: Be it underground block parties or classic three-hour sets.
    Featured in clubs and festivals around the World i.e. Fusion, BPM Festival, Secret island festival, Bar25, Sonar Off and many more.
    Justin Side's sound is always and foremost a unique interpretation of techno. A somewhat hybrid sound mixed of deep bass lines, chunky drums and creepy vocals.
    So the Boys are ripping it up in the studio making new sounds constantly and mission at hand is to bring the Strung Fellows' sound to the world.

    Siste Matic


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Sistematic


    Sistematic is a project born in 2008 from the union of two Italian artists, Enrico and Alessio, great friends since they met at the school. Both of them began at a young age to listen to music, especially to house music, which became soon their greatest passion, thanks to artists like Steve Lawler, Tiga, Steve Bug, Booka Shade, Alex Neri, Emanuele Inglese, Butch, Carl Cox and many others. They started mixing some tracks at home, just for fun, improving day by day and developing an increasingly refined style, between tech-house and deep house. Then they realized it was time to find a new way to express their passion and they started to produce some tracks on their own. Meanwhile, they played in some important events in Venice and, the next year, they started playing at TAG Club.
    After their first production in 2010, they started creating music for some of the most important italian labels. Then they released tracks for many important labels all around the world such as I Records, Kote Records, Sintope Digital, TheSounds, Alma Soul Music and others, always spacing between different underground music tunes.
    Attracting the attention of more and more people in the house music world, they keep on producing, mixing and dancing house music!
    Since 2012 they have been playing at many events organized by Kill the Artist crew in some of the best clubs in Milan.


    Genetikal Twins

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Genetikal Twins


    Hailing from the Italian city of Ancona, Genetikal Twins aka Giovanni Allegrezza & Alessandro Carotti have put into action their plan to play and create forth cool grooving music.Their project Genetikal Twins began in 2008 with a very personal imprint that characterizes their sound.Today the quality of their productions have reached an international recognition and their releases was revisited from excellent producers such as Afrilounge and Mobius Strum.Their releases on record labels as ESCAPISM MUSIQUE, BUY YOU SELL ME, STOP CLONE MUSIC ,PANORMUS MUSIC and METROLINE LIMITED, THE FLAME, AKBAL MUSIC, HIGHGRADE and INDEPTH MUSICREC, was also supported and played from the main international djs such as Steve Bug, Chris Lattner, Raymundo Rodriguez, Nic Fanciulli, Onno, Fabrizio Maurizi and Luciano.

  • Delia Ros

    Delia Ros

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Delia Ros


    Delia Ros

    Since his debut Ep ¨Draw me a Smile¨ on Akbal Music (Feb - 2012), its been nothing more than searching for new sounds and create on of his own.
    Born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California, a place where music seems to be taking control of, faster than anybody imagined.
    In 2009 he joined Icon Collective Music Production School based in Los Angeles, California.
    In 2011 looking for a bigger picture, he arrived to Mexico City and quickly got involved to collaborate with the best local scene labels and promoters, getting him to play in the best clubs of Mexico like (Club Rioma, AM Local, Hooka Condesa, Music Club and Club Fever) and got to share stage with artist like Wolf + Lamb, Kolombo, Sishi Rosch, Russ Yallop, Noir to mention some).
    In 2013 he was finally invited to participate in the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and with new ideas as Co-funder and A&R of the forthcoming Normal Music Records, Delia its ready for the next step of his carrier.
    Stay put to his next releases this year on MEXA Records, Trailerpark Records, Music Evolution Records, Trick Track Records, Louder Music and Disclosure Crew.



    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Campaner


    Pere Campaner AKA Campaner was born in Mallorca in 1984. He started to play guitar and sing in bands from the age of 14. At 18, he started to work as a FOH sound tech and he set up his own studio. He combines his job as a sound tech with his career as a singer in a few rock bands. Furthermore, since 2002, he perform as a Dj in some parties in Mallorca and Barcelona with dj’s like Miguel Puente, Sebas Ramis, Guri, Gaol...
    He focused his rock music production skills on the deepest side of house music and released his first track with Malo Records in 2011.
    The 2014 was a great year for Campaner, with great releases on Kevin Yost’s I Records, Alex Flatner’s Circle Music, along Hurlee and Samuel Dan, Rishi K’s Blue Orb Records, Spring Tube, Malo Records, LoveStyle, Heavenly Bodies, Tivat Music... He end the year with a big remix for Jelly for the Babies and a great VA with the Sub_Urban Crew.
    2015 seems to be a big year for Campaner with more projects to grow up with Sub_Urban and other releases already signed with some great labels.


    Alvaro Hylander

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Alvaro HylanderNick Name: Alvaro Hylander


    It is because of his love and passion for deep house music that Alvaro Hylander keeps on moving forward, every year that passes adding more experience and reach inside of the genre. Although currently based in Denmark, Alvaro's early manifestations of his passion can be traced back to his years in Southern Spain where he started DJing at a very young age, with the sunshine and warmth of the culture providing a great background for experiencing music and what moves a crowd.  As time passed and he started producing in 2005, Hylander was able to forge a stronger connection between his sound and his self as he found that perfect balance of deep, sexy, groovy, and organic that gives him is unmistakable sound.
    Alvaro Hylander's unfaltering efforts in delivering untainted deep house music has lead him to appearing on various labels worldwide like Infradig Records, Acryl Music, Alma Soul Records, Balance Alliance, Behaviors, Etoka, I Records, UM Records, Stratospherik, Adaptation, DeepClass Records, What Happens and his own label DeepWit Recordings. With many of his remixes and originals having hit the Top 100 in both Beatport and Traxsource, he is a name both recognized and respected in Deep House. You can expect nothing but the highest quality productions and lush organic grooves in the coming years from Alvaro Hylander.


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